A simple game, high in flavour, stark in-depth. You play a shapeshifting girl on a quest to unite a shattered floating land. Glorious are you in your falcon form as you blast through fleecy nebulous clouds and zip between breath-taking bountiful floating isles. The game hosts a homely pastel palette. The pinks, browns and oranges give you the feeling of warmth, like being huddled around the fire in winter time. Not only this but the colour contrasts strongly with the sharp blue and white of the open sky. As you dive and weave you are greeted by a soothing snyth lullaby. Cresting the clouds, you cannot but settle into your aerial cruise.

Yet sadly, like the simplicity of the colour scheme, the story and puzzles follow suit. Drawn are you to amazing temples in the heart of these skylands… only to find their riddles plain, routine and boring. Most can be solved by pressing A on your controller. The story lacks substance as well, despite it’s gorgeous cast. You are on a mission to stop the VOID from consuming all. And whilst I like the fact that you must find the details to the plot yourself as you explore the skies, its convoluted and doesn’t string well together.

To conclude AER is a relaxation rollercoaster. Best enjoyed with a glass of wine and a comfy sofa. Ease back, lift your feet up and let yourself drift into the azure with every flap of your golden wings.