Updated: Jan 17, 2019

The bird-folk of the realm have long settled in by the Shell-rose Cliffs, aptly named for the fossils embedded along the cliff face. They live isolated lives, keeping out of the affairs of the Monarchy. They enjoy peace and solitude and ride tranquilly on the high thermals. Aarakocra squat in sparse communities throughout the mountain range. Their nests are warm and protected against the vicious wind. The capital, a conglomeration of the nests, built atop one another is aptly named High Roost.

Aarakocra are not completely isolated in their existence as wandering crag beasts steal chicks from the nests whilst the bird-folk slumber. Consequently, despite their desire for peace, Aarakocra train as warriors and are ever ready to swoop down and engage the foe. Their scouting abilities are second to none.

The closest allies of Aarakocra are the Tritons of the Alcazar. The races often share the same fishing ground and help curb dangerous Merrow raids. In the year of 1151 AW, eggs of the Aarakocra stopped hatching. The bird-folk called it the Crag-Curse. They squawked and railed in panic. No bird shaman could trace the problem to its origin. An exploring Triton stumbled across the folk and hearing their plea, sort to aid them. He ventured far and wide. Mountain tops and valley bottoms, the Triton was relentless in his search for the Aarakocra’s relief. After a long year he returned to the bird-folk with a cure of magic. It lifted the curse. Yet as he felled the curse, so fell he to his knees, and then to his death. Ever since a strong bond has been between the two races, and the Aarakocra will loyally fight for a Triton almost as much as his own kin.

To be Aarakocra


The Aarakocra are happy to trade and befriend the wingless races. They are ever welcoming should they meet them on their travels. And the bird-folk have a strange fascination with the metal that adventurers often wear. But should anyone get too near to their nest, the avian beings suddenly switch. They become suspicious and cold, cautious and on guard, their bird eyes unblinking, never leaving the stranger. They are quick to startle. And quick to draw first blood.

Though Aarakocra desire peace with their neighbours they but want naught to do with the politics of Man, Elf and Dwarf. They would prefer to tend to their young, teach them how to fly and fight. But more than anything, they just want to soar up to the mountain thermals… and just… drift. Fastidious

The Aarakocra may be humble about their history, but they are less so about their appearance. Looking one’s best is a priority for an Aarakocra. Even before food and water at times. The bird-folk will spend hours grooming themselves. They are meticulous in this endeavour. It is seen as somewhat embarrassing to have one’s plumage in disarray. Furthermore, Aarakocra enjoy dressing themselves in dapper jewellery. Gold, bronze, silver coins may be stitched onto fabric or a bird-man may sport a fine necklace made of polished horse shoes. The graceful folk of the skies dress to impress.

High Roost

The capital of the Aarakocra rests deep in the western mountains, hidden behind a towering cliff face in a great canyon. It is a huge culmination of nests, stacked one atop another, spread out like a great wing. Here, the bird-folk conduct their council, led by their esteemed elders. The settlement is alive with the noise of chirping chicks and squawking males, strutting for female attention. Guards circuit the borders of High Roost, ever wary of danger, ever ready to protect their home.