Canon Dwarves

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

To be Canon

The Canon Dwarves went south to start their new home. They wanted a fresh start but Dwarven memories are long. They would show their cold cousins what a real dwarf was made of. They would start from scratch. And quite literally, they did. They forged long and hard. Their fires roared as the furnaces were ever fed.

A culture came about as magnificent crafts came to fruition. Assembly and order to ensure the items were always moving along the assembly line. Rigorous discipline and drive to ensure that the newest shield was stronger than the last. But also, an admiration for finery. For noticing the small glyphs and indents made upon a bronze vase. Observing the beautiful patterns etched upon a tankard. Relishing the refined in all shapes and forms. Thus, the Canon Dwarves became somewhat more colourful then their northern kin. Donning bronze, copper, gold and silver. Wearing sashes of deep red and kilts of chequered sunset orange and forest green. They traded well with their neighbouring human kingdoms and became quite rich in their industrial pursuits. Canon Dwarves became warmer than their northern cousins.

A confident pride came from this richness. Of course, there was a certain dismissal of other races' wears and goods. And when a Canon Dwarf finds something he likes, you know he’ll fight tooth and nail to get the best deal. Stubborn even in their tradings, they will not yield should they think the value does not match the price. Rigid are they in their mercantile pursuits and will not settle for a copper less than necessary. Even if the work is rather crude…

But it begs a question. A troubling one at that. Why would the Dwarves, now so rich, be so careful with their coin? Well, a lurking evil once long forgotten, can resurface. Greed is a terrible curse and one that sits deep in the heart of every Dwarf. The grim-folk must tread lightly. Fall can they at any moment…

Wonderful yet stern. Mighty yet ordered. Friendly yet tight-pursed, the Canon Dwarves will continue to do as they do. Working away with great pride and a great smile. All the gold does help of course.