Updated: Jan 17, 2019


The homeland of Allabrand and the foundation of the human world, Daesynia is the largest human nation. It has the most people and the widest variation of culture. And more than any other land, it has known times of great peace and terrible strife…

When the four brothers went their separate ways it was up to Aldwyn to govern this great tract. Monumental was the task, and many would have buckled beneath its crushing weight. But Aldwyn knew of the peoples' love for him, and so went to work. He first erected the Citadel, the great bastion at the centre of Allabright. He then went on a great expedition, exploring every inch of his realm. Where his footsteps landed, settlements grew. From the Citadel, he distributed the land to his loyal warriors whom could protect it. And the Monarchy’s power grew.

Aldwyn was a wise and just king. And he died loved and aged in his bed. But whilst alive he was never quite content. Ever cautious of the destruction of his father’s land. Ever wary of foul beasts descending from the sky. Ever casting his gaze east.

0 AW - The Great Exodus

0 AW - Wyrm Guard established

3 AW- Citadel rises

5 AW - Aldwyn’s journey

300 AW - Wyrm Guard dissembles

301 AW - Citadel Knight Order established

330 AW- Rhoanriders congregate and build Roan

459 AW - Beasts from the Titan Trees raid south

520 AW - Trollstalkers assemble

533 AW- War with Kruxland

570 AW- Witch trials of Daesynia

610 AW - Geminknights form

770 AW- Gundabad built

810 AW - Geminknights attempt covert mission in Kruxland. None return.

1010 AW - Famine in Daesynia

1115 AW - Crown establishes trade routes with both Yulan and the Four Fiefdoms

1251 AW - Nomads save Daesynia from the evil clutches of ‘The Eye’

To be Daesynian

Daesynia is the largest nation of The Loam, and therefore has the most diversity of its' people. You’ll see grim tanners and happy farmers, silent huntsmen and ecstatic potion makers. You’ll see peasants as you’ll see knights. The one thing that brings Daeysnians into some form of cohesive culture is their loyalty to the crown. The Western Monarchs, otherwise known as Daesynia is a monarchy. Peasants owe allegiance to their lords, the land owners, who in turn owe allegiance to the Crown.

The Crown is governed by the King or Queen, a man or woman of direct lineage from Allabrand himself. Though the figurehead of Daesynia, the monarch has little in the way of everyday contact with the people. That is mostly left to the landowners, the nobles. The nobles vary greatly. Some tight pursed, others looser with their coin. They know they must respect the people that grant them the lives they live, and should the crown find they have been cruel to those that serve them, the consequences are dire. The Crown hopes to bring Daesynia to an enlightened age. And with the help of its allies, will surely do so.

The Land and it’s People

Daesynia is sprawling. Enormous trees rise like rockets from the earthy forest floor just as rocky crags teeter over fathoms deep. Though the land is not always so volatile. Gentle meadows flood the ground stretching out like a long carpet. Great rivers meander through the valleys as hungry worms. Soft snow caps the northern mountains on crisp winter nights. The peasantry of Daesynia reflect the land upon which they live. One may spot a farmer of the east were leather hide, one to the north a fur hat, and one to the south simply plod around topless. Most try their best at whatever craft they inherited and aspire one day to be a master at it. Some become adventurers and become the folk legends of their communities.


Life of a nobleman is far removed from that of a peasant. He is often close to his family, which will have direct contact with the Crown. He may inherit the land and then hold responsibility for the household and the peasants. If he is the young of multiple siblings, and inheritance is out the question, he may then seek to help Daesynia in other ways. He could try and join a Knight Order. Pledge his life to their service in love of country and chivalry. Or try and expand his family's wealth with new business ventures. There are many possibilities for a nobleman, but what remains certain is his crest. Every family has a crest and it is expected a nobleman or woman to have some form of house regalia on their person always.

A noble must be proud of his lineage. His forefathers stood side by side with Aldwyn himself. A noble must care for the poor. These brave souls grant them the fine life they live. A noble must remember himself. His loyalty is to his family, his king and his land.