Updated: Jun 7, 2019


Krukal and his kin discovered the Goliaths on their exodus east. The Giant-kin left the humans undisturbed… until the manlings started to encroach on their land. A ferocious guerrilla war ignited, the Goliaths taking scores of human lives. But as the Kruxbound grew in numbers, so did they grow in strength and they drove the Goliaths back into mountains deep…

At one point a Kruxbound Superior sought to parley with the Goliaths. He preached of peace, preached of unity and preached of togetherness. The Goliaths laughed and went forward to slay him. But then he spoke... of conquest. It was unexpected, but an ingenious move. The Goliaths paused in their murderous act. The Superior explained how the Goliaths were strong and independent. That their ideology of ‘Fair Play’ was something to be admired. No, absorbed by the meek races of The Loam. That with their strength and power, they can do much more than simply wilt away in frosty mountains. They could show the world the meaning of ‘true mettle’.

The Goliaths turned away, refusing to listen to the poisonous words of the enemy. And one went forward to slay the Superior. But another Goliath halted his passage. For you see, some of the Giant-kin felt a most primal need not being met. Glory. And the man standing before them, could deliver it.

Goliaths turned and strode back into the mountains, ignoring the bribe of the Superior. But Goliaths also stayed, turned towards Kruxland and went to aid in its gritty war. There were trials for them, men to slay, beasts to dominate, towns to raze. There were empires to fell. And these Goliaths saw in the reflection of the Superior’s eyes, that it could be they, whom could bring about such fate.

To be a Goliath

Saga Makers

A Goliath needs a story. A Goliath needs to accomplish great things in that story. A Goliath will die trying to be mighty in that story. All the Giant- kin are all too aware of the great feats they have accomplished. They are incredibly competitive and seek to outdo one another on a frightening level. Not to necessarily prove the other weaker, but to prove themselves stronger. The Goliaths that did not join the Kruxbound make mighty sagas by adventuring in the world. They seek to slay great beasts and tell great tales. Or they will become the strongest survivor in their community. They will endure the elements and outlast anything that the mountains can throw at them.

Those Goliaths that did join the Kruxbound make legends through bloodshed. They stalk the land, helping the Supremacy defeat mortal foes or go on covert missions to sabotage, infiltrate and assassinate.

Keep Pushing

No other race shares the same competitive spirit as the Goliath. Every deed must be outdone, every act must be re-enacted to greater success. And no foe is too deadly. This sportsmen's spirit leads many to an early grave, but also to wondrous tales of valour and action which immortalize the brave Giant-kin. Most Goliath communities lack elder leadership. An old Goliath should have the good sense to go out and die a warrior’s death. Therefore, the Giant-kin haven’t the wisdom only gifted by the aged. Some races believe this lack of wit is how many Goliaths came to serve the Supremacy. Others believe morality is fickle when all you want to be... Is the winner.