Harland, High Lector

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Art by Chippy http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?output=spoiler&method=visual&action=advanced&artist=%5B%22Chippy%22%5D

Harland was used by the church of Shar from the moment his powers developed . The religious order seems fantastic on the outside but more and more clues keep popping up that this isn't really a proper order but more a cult. This cult has been using his powers for their own gain while keeping up the façade of helping people. When he found out the truth he was furious and burned everyone in his particular conclave with holy fire. Now he's on the run from the cult who want him back into their fold, while searching for his lost family and trying to atone for what he feels are his sins (Conning and tricking good people, and burning a whole bunch of bad guys) by helping whoever he can at whatever personal cost.

He still carries a holy amulet for Mystra, from whom he gained his powers, which he uses as his arcane focus. Other then that, a simple dagger and quarterstaff.

Dressed in simple off-white robes, with a rope belt. A hood over his head, and a silver mask covering his face, so his ever burning rage at the evil in this world doesn't scare everyone around him.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harland found the shepherd boy and raised him as his own. But Harland was bigger than just the boy. The new great lake south of Allabright was named in his honour. Harland's Lament. For all knew how the wonderful Harland, fell to his knees and wept, when the land had been loss. All knew his sorrow and pain as evidence of his true soul. All knew this tender heart felt for the people of Daeysnia. The lake would be his symbol. Testimony to the grieving that would forever be immortalized as the tears of Harland. Harland found the shepherd boy and raised him as his own. He would live long enough to see the child become a man. And for that man to wed and become a father himself.