Hirion, the Huntsman

Updated: May 31, 2019

Strongbow Half-Elf by Vaejoun https://www.deviantart.com/vaejoun/art/Strongbow-halfelf-554968075

"If you need some venison for your table, leather for your clothes or fur for your floors, you came to the right person. I'm Hirion, the hunter to fill your needs for all of the gifts that the forest provides".

Hirion was a fruit of a marriage between human researcher, Turi Cobbert (with specialty in culture and languages) and Elven adventurer named Anariell. He was raised in a house on the outskirts of a Seedshort by his human father. He barely remembers his mother since she had to leave them when he was 5 (he does remember that she was a magic user).His father never told him why that was. After that he trained to become a hunter with Family Friend Luther. He taught Hirion everything he knew and then Hirion surpassed him.

When he came into adulthood he opened a small shop where he used to sell hides, fur and meat from animals he hunted. Thanks to that job he gained an owl (that he named ozdóbka or trinket in common) which he hatched from an abandoned egg he found in the woods. When he was 26 his father died of old age and as a last wish he wanted his son to find his mother. Hirion burned down his family house as a symbol that he has no reason to stay while keeping only a few trinkets as a remainder (including his mother’s necklace), and left the homeland.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The adventurer Hirion had a turbulent adventure with the Nomads. He lost allies close. He lost his best friend.

"Now it is a matter of survival. But at what price? I already killed tens of people in cold blood. I’m like an animal backed into a corner, doing all it can to see another day. I’m not a hero. And to think I took pride in being like that. Ironic".

But he found his mother. He had fulfilled his father's dying wish. He was also graced with the presence of a half-sister. And though their first few encounters were, the say the least... unpleasant, the pair tried to make a truce in the years that came.

One day, when he was trapping the familiar woods of Seedshort for game, he came across a bundle. The bundle had his name on it. He opened it to see two chirping owl chicks look up at him with wide adorable eyes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Humble Hirion's legend grew as he settled in his hometown. He never tried to take credit for the deeds that saved Daeysnia. He simply wanted to be at one with his community, friends and now, family. So touched were the people, so overwhelmed by his modesty, that they couldn't let the hunter be forgotten. Daeysnia knew the hunter would never let something be named after him... so they named it after his most loyal, beloved friend... Ozdóbka.