History Of Elves

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

The Sindalluilisc, otherwise known as Sindal or Cinder elves are like no others.

The Sindal had a great city. There, they lived in harmony with the Auroran elves. One of the first civilisations on the continent. Their wild kin, the Grove Elves, spread to the forests far and wide whilst the Sindal and Auroran built high their capital. Magically expanding it year by year until it was a small country. Outposts were stationed, militia deployed to defend against Drow attack. Civilisation prospered. No, civilisation bloomed.

After a millennium of warfare with the Auroran elves and Sindal elves, Drow approached and suggested a truce. A parley. Drow houses from the higher echelons of their society felt their power slipping as more and more resources were spent to battle their elven cousins. Only stability could help them rule. At first the surface elves were resistant to such an idea. If it not for the Auroran community no talk would have come to fruition. But for the first time since the sundering, there was talk of peace.

A Drow Prince and a Sindalluilisc princess were the chosen ambassadors for each faction. There were many talks, many encounters. At times, they were tense, and it felt like blood could be spilled in the brink of an eye, but at other times, after decades talk, peace didn’t seem so far away.

But disaster struck, and the princess was whisked away. Kidnapped, deep into the underdark. Furious and blood-mad the elves sent raid after raid underearth to retrieve the princess and punish their treacherous kin. But hidden she was and hidden well. The surface elves could do all but wring their hands in dismay.

One final, daring day, a brave group of soldiers went into the underdark. They thought their way to the capital only… to find the princess dead. Distraught and vengeful, the Sindal elves concocted a plan. To put the sun into the heart of the Drow city.

And destroy them all.

The Auroran elves were unsure of this plan, it was the most dangerous magic ever attempted. If the ritual was to go awry, the consequences could be cosmic. But they understood their cousin’s loss and they too wanted retribution. So, they agreed to help.

Many months did the preparations take. And when the ritual began the city was alight with waves of colourful glowing magic. The power grew and grew and grew. The dream seemed realised… And then it all went wrong.

Firstly, the sun’s rays ripped the underdark into many pieces. The Drow city was half blinded and burnt, Illithid colonies were blown to ashes and many dark elves died beneath burning beams of fiery radiant energy.

But the energy couldn’t be contained and reared up to the surface. The eastern plateau was scorched to ash. Wild elf homes and communities were drowned in a tsunami of flame and the southern plains became naught but ruin. The Southeast Sea boiled like a raging cauldron.

The Rupture, the Formbreak and the WaySplit as it has been called in history; had awful side effects. Not only was the land disfigured, but so was magic. So was the essence of existence itself. The gemstones of the world absorbed magical elements from the realms of beyond. And quickly was it discovered that it didn’t take a magic practitioner to wielded them. So contained was the energy, so basal was the power that any layman could utilize the power contained. Evil beings and strange forces forged ‘beings’ from this the stones. Ravenous beasts stalked the land. Elves, gnomes and man ran for their lives. The wood elves ran to the glades to the west and the eastern tribes were consumed by monsters terrible. Jinxgems changed everything.

The Sindal and Auroran suffered themselves. Elves are magic incarnate, and their life source was sapped by the power they created. Their slow fertility rate dropped. Their magical potency declined. They were becoming undone.

The Auroran elves mourned at the terrible loss and grieved and fumed at their mistakes. The magic holding the capital began to fade and the city slowly started falling to pieces. It was scattered in the wind and rapidly shrank and shrank and shrank in size. It shrank till it no longer floated and rested on a scorched body of water. The Auroran thought their time was up. They would pay for their sins and let the age of man truly begin.

This line of thought was not so for the Cinder elves. Horrified were they, horrified and appalled by what happened at their hands, but their pride would not let them accept blame. They blamed almost everyone, alienating themselves from elven community. But never admitting it was their own fault. The one they blamed most, of course, was the Drow and they swore that one day they would deliver vengeance painfully, slowly and without mercy.

Now the Sindal strive out in the world trying to undo the ruin they wrought. They believe man can grow but so can they too. Powerful and more brilliant. And they will once again rise as the true leaders of this new world.