Iorgrax Balthuurdek

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

From Skyrim by Bethesda

"Hatched in the woods by the fighting pits, I was alone, yet at home amongst the trees. As Dragonborns are able to walk early, twas no trouble making my own way to find food and shelter. I watched the pits, contemplating joining the fighters, but mere combat has no meaning. Even as a youngling I could see that. Being a Green Dragonborn the swamps called to me. I left the pits while still small to seek out the Bayou to get closer to my natural home. After a few years of helping the occasional traveller the spirits of the forest and times long past spoke to me. Though I could not see them nor clearly interpret their message I knew they were impressed with the way I lived and carried myself. Visions of a lippy gnome and a silent gnome were confusing but intriguing. They saw me as a messenger of the light and sent me forth to the border of the Bayou, thought they did not explain why. Only that soon a great evil will reveal itself.

I met Giorgio on the border of the Bayou, rescuing him from a giant snake. He recommended a smith where I could get weapons and armour for more protection. He also pointed me in the direction of the Nomad adventurers. My journey took me to West Port and after staying that night in the local tavern, I met strong arm, who heard me ask of these “Nomads”. I hired a ship to take me outside the Alcazar as Strongarm told me the Triton use assistance. After talking to some guards my journey really began…"


Iograx was a brave hero. And he did something that was quite unexpected. He changed perspectives. Though fear of Dragonborn hasn't left the world, sometimes they are viewed from a different angle. Sometimes a passerby would spot a Dragonborn, a passerby who would normally have judged and said cruel words about the scaled kin, may pause... and a story may come to mind. A story that reminds him that the land they live on was saved, by the likes of a Dragonborn. By a proud warrior that didn't look that dissimilar from the being there before him.