Just Cause 3

Just cause is a 3D action adventure where you play as freedom fighter Rico Rodriguez. The only thing you've got more of then swag, is explosives. Lots of them.

The story is simple. Liberate the island of Medici from a despotic dictator. You zoom about the enemy towns with incredible acts of destruction and arson. Tearing down propaganda billboards, blowing apart tanks... And there is always a tanker to destroy. Always.

What makes this game a wild adventure isn't the story nor the graphics. It is the gadgets you have. They offer a certain elasticity not seen in other games. The Inspector Gadget gizmos you possess is a riot, the grappling hook being an outstanding candidate. There's an adrenal satisfaction as you fly across the map like Spider-man. And it's marvelous in its simplicity. Hook onto an object and catapult yourself forward. Shuffling between the hook, parachute and your wing glider allows you to bomb you across the map like a falcon. The grappling hook offers not fluidity for travel alone but for combat too. You can 'hook' two things and draw them together instantaneously. The most imaginative form of destruction I've had the joy to participate in. Two guards coming at you, knock them together. Need to blow up a gas port, throw a tank at it. Helicopter coming at you? Shoot your hook at the copter and the ground and then watch it go bang as you drag the war machine to its fiery demise. Explosion, explosion, explosion. This game has a lot of explosions. The creative freedom is liberating. You feel agency over your actions, the true hall mark of a good video game. This seamless speedy transition between high octane combat and accelerated navigation makes the action non-stop. You can't but help feel you're a power house bombing your way through all trials and obstacles. And what I find gratifying, is the game doesn't let up. The enemy bases you tackle become tougher as you progress through the story, with an array of death traps to halt your progress. Of course you get an arsenal of RPGs and other detonating devices. Obviously. And you are rewarded for said progression. There is a satisfying 'Ahhhh' as you change the map via your heroic actions. On the map, you watch enemy fascist land dissipate and liberated land bloom in its place. This is a feverishly moreish delight. Graphically the game is sound if not feeling a little dated. And speaking of the sound, the audio compliments the visuals to great success. Audio plays a huge role in this video game title. Everything is happening at such a fast pace that you often don't get the opportunity to see an objective or threat, but the chance to hear it. Not only do you watch a fireball race into the air but you hear the BOOM of the mighty blast. In terms of replay value, I am unsure. Whilst blowing things up doesn't seem to get old, the central narrative doesn't hold much attention. The mechanics are such fun, but they alone can't grip me. Yet with that said, I'm certain consumers know the ride they are in for before they even play the game. The Just Cause franchise says what it does on the tin. Overthrow an evil government whilst blowing everything to pieces with acts of Evil Kenevil bravery. To conclude if you want a bouncy booming gunpowder drenched action game then grab Just Cause 3. You may not be sure what the exact plot is, you may not know if you're the villain or the hero, you may not even care. But with explosions so grand, does it really matter?