Knightly Orders of Daesynia

Updated: Nov 20, 2018


The best riders in all the land, these knights storm out from their fortress at Roam and race across the prairie like the wind. They slay beast and monster alike. Anything that would disrupt the peace in their lands is lain low by swift hooves and sharp blade.

The Order centres on their most prized procession and most useful tool of war. Horses…They love their horses like they love their children and take great care in grooming these fine beasts. And the beasts are fine. Strong and sturdy, they can carry a rider for miles at a time and hold no fear when charging into battle. The culture of the knighthood centres around these majestic animals. With riding competitions, jousting and archery contests… There is also the spiritual rights of passage called the ‘Bronco Ramble’ . This is were a young knight must venture out for a year to learn of the world with just his sword and mount.

The warriors themselves are a brave sort and slightly wilder then their eastern kin. They have long hair, often tied back in a knot. Some don arrow tattoos and horseshoes, representations of the mighty beasts they ride upon. They wear scaled and leather armour. Sometimes splint. There helms allow for their wild hair to flow behind them and the guard is like that of a great horse snout, leading up to a set of eyes. The knight captain may don a Pegasus upon his helm. And if he is ever blessed…. Ride one.

Not only are the Rhoanriders known for their horsemanship but also for their archery. Great archers, they can hit almost anything when storming across the battlefield atop their mount. Trollstalkers

Named after their most beloved profession, the Trollstalkers hail from Heathlow and are a fearsome knighthood. They formed when the creatures of TitanTrees and The Fens raided daily. Villagers, livestock, children… all stolen away by the skulking creatures in the night. No militia could thwart them. No knight could stop the monsters. No, it took a different sort of man to tackle these beasts.

Under a local lord the nobles took to the tactics of the creatures of darkness. They stalked, they hounded, they raided and burnt and butchered. Soon the threat, whilst never gone completely, was lessened. Many saw the men transform from loved husbands to brooding butcherers. But they were the men that the time needed and still need today.

The Trollstalkers rid their lands of any creature that could pose a threat to a man. They seek out the creatures, and venture deep into the wilds to try and kill their quarry. Using a mixture of poisons, patience and martial prowess they kill their intended prey and bring the trophies home of evidence of their conquest.

They wear chain mail and dark cloth overtop. A square helm sits on their head with a sash dangling over nose and mouth to keep the scent of the fumes that they use from incapacitating them. They are renowned for their use with reach weapons. Spears, halberds, pikes. A fighting style uniquely developed when fighting large foul creatures from bog and moor.

There is a cynicism to the knighthood… Where before they hunted to protect, many now hunt for glory and, more barbarically, just the thrill of the kill. Not all are likes this, but they are often dismissed by other knighthoods. But where were they as the trolls snatched the young from their beds in the dark?


Brilliant, glorious and often vain, the Geminknights believe man is his own worst enemy and seek to preserve all culture and art. Civilisation is a glorious thing. To find those that would sour society and bring it to its knees… That… is the purpose of the Gemiknights. They infiltrate underground sects. Purge foul cults. And stamp out dark sorcery. They do this with the use of illusion magic, finesse and bravery.

The knights are well groomed, often meticulous about their appearance. They don iron cuirass and a grand magenta robe over top of beautiful design. They duel with a rapier and one hand and confuse and dazzle their foe with illusion magic in the other.

They love the fine things in life and whilst out on a mission to stop some nefarious crime, are known to get reckless with their coin and spend lavishly should they get the opportunity.


The first knight order to arise were the Wyrmslayers. Others called them the Drakeguard. A brotherhood set on the destruction of all dragon kind. As less and less dragons were found in the world, their purpose became obsolete and they slowly disbanded. The people the guard protected soon became the next problem. Corruption and greed. Violence and sin. Man was falling from grace. Things were looking dire.

But a group of men came and stood tall. They declared they were the epitome of man. The best of the best of man. They would represent the fundamental purity of humanity. Hope. Freedom. Safety. As the citadel arose physically, so did the order.

The knights wear heavy plate armour with a crenellation in the at the top of the breast plate. Their helms are fully covered with sparse ornament. The armour has a silver, iron, bronze sheen to it. Dark blue and white cloaks flow behind them as they step into battle with sword and shield. Their shields often display a story or some piece of lore from humanities past. If you were to put a legion’s together, it would make a rolling tapestry of man's existence.

The culture is somewhat austere, and many knights abstain from hedonistic pursuits. They try their best to uphold the virtues of their society and are seen by folk far and wide to embody them. To embody valour. To embody bravery. To embody Chivalry. Many say a Citadel would lay his life down for the lowest of peasants. So great is their love for humanity.