Korth, the Kind

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

By Ben Wotten https://www.deviantart.com/benwootten/gallery/

As a Spore Druid Korth was tasked with keeping a natural balance in the swamps that he lived in with his tribe. Made sure the right fungus ended up on fallen trees to properly decompose them into nutrients for new vegetation, etc. When Korth was young and in training to become one of the new Spore Druids, he became friends with one of the bog gnomes that sometimes traded with the Lizardfolk. This gnome was called Salin...He taught Korth Common and supplied him with special funghi and mushrooms found outside of the swamps. By now Korth is amongst one of the older Lizardfolk in the tribe and he's trained many other Druids to help with his work. One day, when he's supposed to meet with his Gnomish friend he ended up waiting for multiple days but he never showed up. Being able to trust the tribe to his students he set off to find his good friend and has now found himself in a strange, non-swampy world where he hardly speaks the language....


Ferocious and loyal, Korth led the Nomads from dank swamp to ocean ruins. Ever hungry to be reunited with his friend he stopped at nothing to be by his side once more... The Nomads were betrayed by Deep Scions, posing as Sea Elf Ambassadors. They had tricked the party into helping them slay Merrow guarding the algae orb key. When they had the key in their hands they revealed their true vile form... The Nomads fought brilliantly, and quickly dispatched their foe... only to find two Merrow slithering up from the tunnel to meet them. Brave Korth, he who cared for his friend more than his own life, engaged the skulking foes. He ripped them open with savage claws and brutal bites. But a stray trident stabbed into his side... He fell to his hands and knees, his life force seeping from him. He looked up at the friends, and with his last remaining strength said... "Save. Salin". And the Hero was no more...


But the memory of Korth the Kind is not forgotten. Should you find yourself at the entrance to the Great Bayou, you will see a figure. A verdant statue made of living, organic material. Roots and vines twist to make arms and legs, mushrooms spring up about his chest and flowers crest it's face. And this figure, is quite reptilian in it's appearance... So, at Korth's Cove, you will find the druid lives on eternal. Ever watchful for his Gnome friends, and at peace in his warm marshy home.