Kruxland’s story is one of darkness and savagery. In a world of crags and pits this land persists ever ready for war. Krukal was the most charismatic of the brothers. He was saw the times of the dragons as an example of human weakness. Man had squandered it’s time praying to apathetic gods, forming alliances with races too meek to rule, investing in arts and culture rather than strength and power. The dragons were a mistake that man could never again repeat. Never.

With his charismatic dictates, he gathered a mass following. He conveyed to them that the cultivation of all the things Aldwyn loathed is what made man strong. Krukal seized control. Sat heavy in his father’s throne. Aldwyn looked to his brothers for assistance but they were too embroiled in their own ideologies. In a fit of despair Aldwyn challenged Krukal to a duel. And duel they did. But Krukal was fiercer a warrior than his younger brother and struck him to the ground. Before he could deliver the final blow, the people intervened.

They saw Aldwyn’s sacrifice as a true signal of his benevolence. If they were to be ruled, they would be so by him. Krukal cursed. He raged. Elucidated that he was his father’s true son. Allabrand would have supported him, endorsed his brilliant views and would have labelled his weak son Aldwyn a coward. But Allabright had made their decision and yield they would not.

King Krukal was forced to abandon his site in the citadel. He gathered those remaining loyal and left the land. The Exodus East it was called. He found a great valley. Rimmed by ravaged mountains and broken rock. A lone mountain rose out the plateau, huge and grey. This would be his seat. And when he was ready, when he had shown the land true power, when he ruled supreme…. Then Allabright would burn.

0 AW- Exodus east

1 AW- Exal Cardinal rises

45 AW- Annihilation of native humanoids in the land

450 AW- War with Goliath

478 AW- Contract with Goliath

533 AW- War with the Yulan

660 AW- The Maven Inquisition is formed

794 AW- Breaking of Aasimar

1010 AW- War with Hobgoblins Begins

To be Kruxbound

Warreners The Supremacy is the government that rules Kruxland with an iron fist. Led by the Primary, the Supremacy is a militarised bureaucracy driven to accumulate as much control as possible and conquer anyone in their way. The government is merciless, and children are indoctrinated from a young age to see the Primary as almost godlike, his words the one true truth. Everyone has a place in this fascist society. All must work towards an efficient productive future where man rules above all else. The work hours are long and hard. Not only this but there is a military subscription from the age of 16-30 for both men and women.

Rather than seeing themselves as captives to this tyrannical state, the Supremacy is seen as learned leaders keeping man from reverting back to their weakened form The Kruxbound label themselves as Warreners. Not because they live underground, but that they see themselves as building something bigger than themselves. The also refer to one another as ‘Citizen’.

War Drives It All

War is an enormous part of Warrener culture. A rigid ideology persists in many of the people, one which would see the Supremacy rule all the Loam and see Allabright burn. From a young age all are taught to fight and to meticulously care for weaponry and armour. At 16 they join the military. A Warrener’s time there is mixed. Firstly, they are trained to kill and conquer. They then spend some years working for the administration of the Supremacy, learning the importance of order and obedience. For their final stint, they are sent to the Frontier. This is the name for the on-going war with the Hob goblin and Orc tribes on the east plateau. And if they survive their service their… they come back to the motherland; strong, determined and ever ready for battle.

Exal Cardinal

The capital, forged by the hands of Krukal himself is an imposing sight. Screeching high into the air, Exal Cardinal sits atop a black mountain. Its spires shoot up from the summit, dark fingers groping the sky. The buildings are rectangular and tall. The streets wide and organised. There are great parapets that dig into the mountain side, making the city lean over the tittering edge of the mountain. Exal Cardinal is a city of order and discipline. There are no hap hazard lanes nor winding avenues, but straight roads connecting the city like plough lines in a field. In the centre of Exal Cardinal sits the Supremacy headquarters, and at its centre, highest tower of all. There sits the seat of power. There, set in a hard stone ‘chair’ sits the Primary.

The Maven Inquisition

In time the Supremacy and its citizens grew in strength and numbers. They had cleared the land of non-humans and established a dictatorship as harsh and unyielding as the crags surrounding. Those they didn’t completely eradicate they forced into servitude. When their vaults overflowed with supplies, when their armouries racked with weaponry, when every man and woman knew discipline, restraint and respect…. When this all happened, did the Primary turn his gaze west. And in his eyes, he saw fire.

To first conquer Daesynia, Yulan had to be humbled. And went to war they did. Mighty armies clashed on the mountain tops and brave knights fell in the snow. The Kruxbound were close to victory, had it not been for the inferior races coming to support their religious patrons in their plight. Numbers overwhelmed the Krukal and they were forced to retreat. But bowed, were they? Never. A simple experiment, a lesson to be learned for the struggle ahead.

Unity had saved Oltol-yash from destruction. So, division would be its down fall. In the high towers of the Supremacy, powerful men gathered. In the flickering torchlight did they form the Maven Inquisition. A shadow cabal of spies, saboteurs and assassins. The Maven’s would infiltrate the cities of their neighbours and brick by brick, collapse their homes upon them. They would lie, extort, bribe, blackmail, kill until their enemies were dismantled, until the bonds of Man and Elf and Dwarf and all the other impetuous wretches were razed in burning hellfire. Until they alone stood united. And then, like darkness at twilight, they would sweep away all before them.