Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Fandel went South. He wanted no more fights, no more fear, no more threat. He wanted a life free of pain, and for that to be, he would have no enemies. With his mob of followers, he left the home of his father. What he found was a beautiful land. The grass was lush, the beaches long and white, and the sun blazed kindly overhead guiding his every step. This would be a land of the free, where no man owed anybody anything. The Free land.

0 AW - Exodus South

78 AW- Felonzo rises

110 AW- City taken by armed nomads. Revolt

180 AW- City razed by armed nomads. Rebuilt

350 AW- Silver mine found. City becomes rich

470 AW- Riches attract men and other races. City becomes multi-ethnic

500 AW- Rich lords begin to grapple for power. Capitalism uncontrolled

510 AW- The Four Houses arise

511 AW- War between the Four Houses

518 AW- Felonzo raised

534 AW- Felonzo rebuilt. Houses will rule land and city in unison

590 AW- Third House accidentally releases devil. Creature destroyed, many killed

780 AW- Gang war is rife between Tabaxi and Kenku

890 AW- Trade routes linked between provinces

1010 AW- Second house accidentally sets Felonzo ablaze with strange device.


To be Liberatsi

The people of the Four Fiefdoms calls themselves Liberatsi or Freemen. Though they have not freed themselves from their bloody past, they insist they are an independent, autonomous state. They follow the footsteps of Fandel, their progenitor and see to live in his image. No man nor woman should be bound to one another for any reason. Every man and woman have control over his and her destiny.

What this practically translated to was unchecked capitalism. People showed little loyalty to one another, meaning the only loyalty left was to the coin. There is no army but a standing paid militia. No trade union but a merciless capital market and no government but for the Four Houses.

The Four Houses are rich families who made their fortune during the Silver Rush. As the financial market had no boundaries, they bought as much land as possible and now essentially rule the Four Fiefdoms in everything but name. Farmers toil on their land, giving them monopoly of agriculture. Little can stand in their way. But of course, for each other. Bad blood lies between these houses and Marquis would risk much to see the others disappear. And some houses have, made pacts with altogether unsavoury individuals... To ensure they don’t all demise, they have agreed to rule Felonzo jointly, each selecting a Custodian to aid in the rulership of the city. Should the Houses ever go to war, the Free State would bleed heavily.


The capital of the Free State is a city built upon cities. Many a time has the site between ravaged and rebuilt. This had led to a mishmash of motley houses and homes and of colour and fashion. The streets weave left and right like a slithering cobra. Some avenues are wide and boisterous, others choked by deceitful shadow. The dock itself is brimming with fishing boats and ships, the smell of chum never quite leaving the scent. Hot is Felonzo, as are its peoples' temperament.

Sovereign at heart

The agency the Freemen believe they have shapes their culture much. Every one of them wants to be self-sufficient at heart and teach their young so. Children are born with sword in hand and are taught to duel. Freemen strut the streets, rapier to their side, ever ready to bout. To gain capital is the dream of most, and many dabble in multiple trades. But it is hard to make a fortune and all trades are cutthroat. The unregulated market means deals go awry, people are conned and blood is spilt. Friends and family may help you get started on a venture. Though may only do if it also helps their owns needs as well.

Gritty Gangs

Gritty gang violence has plagued the streets of Felonzo for time untold. Before it was mostly about territory and business, but now a new infection has plagued the streets. The Tabaxi and the Kenku rage a terrifying guerrilla warfare. Why the conflict began, no one knows. What is certain, is that to be anywhere near a quarrel when one begins means certain death. The nights cry with shrieks and screeches.