Richard Lightningfingers

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

One Step Ahead of the Headsman

Blood is the currency of the world, but secrets is the currency of man. Richard knows that the more you are in control of one, the less you need of the other.

Making a living as a fixer, trading his services to all manner of causes for all manner of pay, Richard has spilled his fair share of blood, and learned his fair share of secrets. If he was the type to admit his mistakes, he would likely look at his current run from sharp knives as a flaw in his planning, though, he is not such a man. Mistakes are just opportunities waiting for the perfect moment to shift, and Richard has lived long enough to seize the moment, right at the shift.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Richard didn't know just how much danger he was in until it was to late. He didn't know that the mission he had sworn to see through, decided the fate of the world. But he did know he would survive. A Lightningfingers survives.


The Elf made a mighty profit for himself. And he enjoyed a bustling life, with his bustling shop. He knew how to enjoy the pleasures of life, simple and elaborate. He knew how to live and lived well. What he didn't know, was just how many little Lightningfingers roamed about.