SAR, Saint

Updated: Nov 15, 2018,

A 7 to 8 foot tall suit of heavy armor. It does not speak and communicates in primitive gestures, yet commands respect with its imposing stature, unwavering bravery and ability to cast fire and shock out from any part of itself, even with any weapons it holds, which oftentimes are equally as massive as itself. Occasionally spews fire from its empty helmet as a form of intimidation and has been seen to brawl with gauntlets of shock. Protective of those it has stood beside in battle, lending them his massive round great shield. It reacts aggressively to taunts and contests of strength. But this protection, aggression and, above all, camaraderie has to come from somewhere. A little man inside a big suit, an outcast sculpted by solitude. This is SAR...


The Gnome SAR, the self titled ' Sombre Arland Resinbrandt ', showed his bravery and valour in the face of certain death. Without his help the Nomads would have crumpled under blow after unforgiving blow. But SAR stepped forward and took each hit with courage and determination. He put himself in the line of fire, protected friend from every attack and stood toe to toe with the foulest abomination the world has ever known.... This was SAR. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But his story did not end there. It never really ended. Though he was a misfit, an outcast and an introvert, he left an eternal mark on the world. “What do I have to do for my people to welcome me back?” Was what he once asked himself. “This armor is the answer,” is how he replied. But this was not the case. It was the Gnome inside the armour that showed his old peers Arland Resinbrandt's true character.

His story fluttered from ear to ear and soon all gnomes knew of this hero. They knew of his trials, they knew of his tribulations, they knew of his bravery, and even his flaws. Though SAR would never have believed it, his friendship and valour and his ingenuity with his mighty armour, were the very things every gnome wanted to be. He became a saint. Saint... SAR. And to this day bedtime stories are told of the adventurer, told to eager children listening to their parents by candlelight. The young don buckets upon their heads and play fight in the streets of Widgdabville each wanting to be him. And as the gnomes tinker away in their workshops, they sometimes praise Arland Resinbrandt. And they pray not only to make such brilliant works like the Armour, but to be like him. For... SAR showed them... "That even the downtrodden, the outcast, the misfits... That even the small, can be a hero".