Stargazer Nashala | The 1st Horseman

A tragic girl, gifted with a curse immutable, Nashala or Nina as her friends called her, was a sweet soul in a bitter world. A proverb proven, a maxim ever true …. That the brightest lights cast the longest shadows. DEEDS OF LEGEND: Founder of the Horsemen

The un-coming of the Kindred Razer of the Owl-Ogre Felled at the Battle of the Citadel Legacy: Nashala Campus, Lorehalls

Little is known of the origins of the girl, and in the years following her death few answers were uncovered. Sheltered by academics of great known, what was left of Nina was the souls she touched and the minds she changed. When she first entered the capital, people were unsure of this girl - she with the scales that marred her face. But that uncertainty turned to admiration and then respect, for the girl with a personality so warm, a smile so unassuming, a poise so modest ... She did her upmost to aid the townsfolk, took their burdens as her own. And all the while, she herself, changed. Her curiosity manifested into a vibrant will to explore; to talk and meet new faces, to read more books and learn of cultures alien. To Nina, the world was not a blank canvas, but a moving landscape of whirling art; an endless, eternal plane of wonder. But do not mistake her grace and naivety, for fragility. A potent spell-caster, she could summon thunder from the air, twist the winds to howling gales, forge but a droplet of water into tsunami of power. As it was the case when she sent flying the possessed bear, how she flattened the waves of Orcs, how she struck down the writhing beasts of the sky. And she shared her power too. Nina taught her friend the foundations of magic, and gifted her mentor presents aplenty. So selfless was the girl, so unrepentant in her generosity, did she make the gravest of mistakes … the mistake of letting her curse consume her. And there, against the hordes of enemies and friends-turned-enemies, did she become … other. And there, did the souls she touched and the friends she’d made turn on her, in fear and revulsion.

But hear me, dear reader, and know these words true … In the fight for Allabright, in the battle for life, she made the greatest sacrifice possible. As the Owl-Ogre descended on her brothers in arms, ready to tear them asunder, she broke back the seal bound in herself ... she assumed her star-crossed form, a giant mercury dragon, of blinding beauty and celestial grace. And in the air and in the ground, she tore and ripped and burnt the hell-fiend to nothing. Mortally wounded, she lay down her head, and raised it not again. Few are deserving of the punishments of fate and none more so than the lovely, the tender, Nashala … Yes, lament you should, but forget not to carry hope in your heart. For if you gaze up at a midnight sky, you might just see a silvery star winking back.