Talisman 1, Talisman 2, Totem, Magic Belt Book series - Storyline writer

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Phonic Books Limited is an award winning educational publishing company, whose books use and promote “synthetic phonics” as a teaching method.

I am the Story line writer for 4 successful series of books. The series were designed to appeal to older children and used fantasy to engage and encourage the reader. They were: Magic Belt Series; The Totem Series; Talisman Series 1 & 2.

As the books were to be used as an educational tool, guiding the reader through the phonic code, we decided to break the books up into multiple parts. In order to get the reader hooked on the series I made the books feel like a journey. Each of the series were 10 to 12 parts, and each series had a theme running through them. In the Talisman, the protagonist can change into a different animals. In the Magic belt, he has to collect magical gems. And in the Totem series, he had a powerful magical staff that had many different powers.

Each book felt like progression for the reader and you would see the progression on the back cover. For example, in The Talisman Series, the talisman had many symbols on it to represent the different animals our hero Zak could transform into. The back cover of the book had a large printed version. Every different book in the series would have that symbol 'light up' showing which beast Zak would transform into. This meant children want to read the next book to discover which beast they'll see next. This same technique was applied to all the other series.