The Artful Seery | The 3rd Horseman

An industrious girl of endless ingenuity; the only thing sharper than her tongue – her wits. Quick-thinking as the fleet- footed fox, she demonstrated that mind was ever over matter. DEEDS OF LEGEND: Leader of the Motherless Band Obliterator of the Maven Inquisitor Saviour of Allabright

Legacy: Resurrection of House Breadwhich, orphanage and soul of refuge

In a world of powerful monsters, and monstrous powers, few would think that it was but a young girl who shaped the rivers of history.

Seery was a nothing and a no one; an urchin, doing her best to hold straight her back beneath the yoke of poverty and oppression. She cared for her friends as family, for the orphans as her own, and was content to survive this life, shuffling coin between hands, sliding between alleys bright and dank. But then ... she found the Jinx gem. She turned the power to her own, molded it like a potter might his clay, spun something beautiful yet utilitarian. But was that not Seery herself? A spirited woman in a city of squalor, navigating each obstacle, methodically, pragmatically, one at a time ...

As the 3rd Horseman, she assumed the mantle of reason and patience. She paused before each strike and meditated before every decision. As the tides of chaos surged forth, she held strong, ever knowing her nemesis was out there watching, ever knowing her nemesis was out there … waiting.

And at Battle of the Citadel, due to her cunning, bravery, and the brave sacrifice of her friends, she decimated her rival. And with his death, saved the lives of thousands.

When all was said and done, and the dust of battle had settled, and the tears of the fallen had been shed, Seery was presented with a new future. One of power, one of wealth; a future of gilded halls and gluttonous banquets. But she wanted it for not. She knew now, as might she always had, where true wealth rested.

The loss of her friends weighed heavy on her auburn head, but she turned that despair to repair. She rebuilt what was broke, and cared for those left behind in that awful, trying time.

And forevermore, when someone had a problem, they would always come to the woman. For Seery, The Artful, always had an answer.