Tinker Gnomes

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

The Tinkers or rock Gnomes were devastated, not only by the destruction caused by the Golems, but by what they thought was the desertion of their cousins. A Gnome must learn from his mistakes, move on and try again. That is the Gnomish way. And a mixed feeling of resentment and sadness grew among the Tinkers. They never gave up hope for their lost kin but began to believe it would be a long while before their cousins turned about. There was an unexpected side-effect to the disaster. It brought the Tinkers and humans far closer.

They began to trade. And after that… build. The humans saw the ingenuity of the gnomes. Their endless curiosity and brilliant invention and imagination. The gnomes saw the kindness, cruelness and chaos of the human world and found it endlessly fascinating. They could learn everything from man whereas before their pool of knowledge was limited.

So their city grew near to the humans. And many Gnomes went to live in the capital, where they could immerse themselves in the wonderful surprise that was human culture. Many joined the humans as they first went west to the Lore Halls, and they became academics, professors and researchers. They had felt lost without their southern kin but now a new partner had taken their place. And that sadness, ever present, was a little less sharp.

Everyday is a new opportunity and with every opportunity comes wonder!

To be a Tinker

Everything has potential

The ethos of the Tinkers is one of endless curiosity. Many take up travel and adventuring. But the inquisitiveness of the Tinkers’ does not just awaken on the open road. It nestles in the heart of every one of them and whether far from home or not, their desire to create must be sated. A farmer may explore new methods of harvesting grain, a cobbler may make shoes with springs in the heels and a banker may just find a more efficient filing system. That said… most experiments fail at first. But that does not dampen the spirit of these inventors. Quite the opposite. It spurs them on to amend, improve and try again. Say one thing for these little folk, say they are tenacious.


The gnomish capital is the bubbly epicentre of Tinker’s world. The homes are round and oval, and most families have some sort of workshop in a side compartment. The streets are made of cobbled stone whilst odd coloured lamps, flickering signposts and odd smiling automatons sprinkle the side-walks. It is a place of wonder and ideas. A place where there is never a dull moment. It is quite common to hear the joyous cry of “Eureka”, only to be followed a split second later by an explosion and a cloud of smoke rise high into the air.


The Tinkers play a surprisingly large role in Daesynia. Many are academics at the Lore Halls, teaching and lecturing to the cultures of Man and Elf alike. Tinkers seem to have a way with coin unrivalled by other races and are often seen working at high positions within the Crown and the banks. But it is the inquisitiveness which man sees to be their best asset. For this, they are often hired as consultants by different professional fields. The local guard may hire a Tinker to help with an unsolved case. A mayor may commission a Gnome to rebuild the town’s sewage system. A lord may wish his walls impenetrable and seek the sage advice of the small folk. Daesynians know; if you give a gnome long enough… they’ll find a way past any problem. If they don’t somehow blow themselves up in the meantime... Heroes of LoamLand It is not uncommon for the workshop of a Tinker to have a shrine dedicated to Saint SAR, a brave gnome who sacrificed himself to save the land of Daesynia. Before a Tinker gets to work, he may usher a small prayer to the Saint and hope to capture some of SAR's creative brilliance. He is a badge of honour to the Tinkers, and one they wear with great pride.