Titan's Gauntlets - Author

Phonic Books Limited is an award winning educational publishing company, whose books use and promote “synthetic phonics” as a teaching method. I wrote for their 'catch up' reader series, which attempts to help older children with learning difficulties reach their appropriate reading age

I co-wrote the 5th series for the company called 'The Titan's Gauntlet's', which moves away from phonics and focuses on the Latin derivatives of common English words. The story is divided into 10 parts. "Young shepherd Finn is thrust on a perilous journey to save the world from the wicked 'Winged One'. He discovers the Titan's Gauntlets, a powerful artifact belonging to a slumbering giant guardian. The boy must collect the ten scattered Skyshards of the Gauntlets. Only then can the Titan arise and stop the world's destruction. With the magical power of the relic and the wit of his loyal songbird Korus, Finn begins a mighty adventure".