Warhammer: Return of Reckoning

Warhammer age of Reckoning is a fantasy MMO released on 18 September 2008.

The game died the death of most online MMOs. But a few years ago, dedicated fans re-released the game on a private server. The game is aptly named Return of Reckoning.

This juicy MMO has the best player vs. player structure I have ever seen BY FAR!

There is an inherent grittiness which ties seamlessly to the fundamental PvP nature of the game. You pick a side, Order or Destruction, and then a race. And that is your pack. The entire structure of the game is WAR and this is aptly represented. You cannot duel a member from your own side. Nor can you ally with the enemy whatsoever. You are there to kill them and take their land.

And it is glorious.

There is a rush of excitement as you storm forward with your allies. Mounted on horse and boar and raptor you rampage across enemy territory, capturing checkpoints and castle keeps. Mortar rains down from catapults as you push forward, hunkering low, battering ram obliterating the enemy’s keep. And then, it’s a desperate fight as you ascend the castle. It’s a bumpy, turbulent fight. Your screen is awash with a surfeit of lights and explosions. You duel with enemy players on the stairs, boiling oil raining down on all sides. And then when you make it up, you face the enemy lord. And either win. Or lose.

The grittiness of the game doesn’t just translate to the player vs player combat, but the Warhammer world itself. You very much feel like a soldier. You feel you are there to do a job, and that job is kill the enemy. In other MMOs you can feel omnipotent; riding flying mounts, wearing sparkling armour. A demi-god amongst the serfs. Here, you feel very much grounded in this desolate war-torn world.

The player vs environment content is as classically boring as any other MMO out there. Quests feel mundane and laborious. There are types of quests which are public, so one can jump in and help another player out. Though it doesn’t really work, as the server population doesn’t support this creative system.

But it matters not, for you can level up to 40 (the max level) entirely from PvP. Either duke it out in scenario based instances, or Realm Vs Realm, where you thunder across the land in roving warbands eager for slaughter and power.

It’s been 9 years since I played the original game. I crave for that 00’s feel of an MMO. That grand wonder. But that beautiful moment in gaming history is gone. Nevertheless, Return of reckoning manages to capture a shard of that nostalgic feeling.

To conclude, give this game a whirl. It will take some time, but the community are friendly and will aid you on your journey. It will take some sweat, as the difficulty level is high, but with it comes great satisfaction as you conquer the challenges. And finally, it will take some humility. It’s a game that makes you feel mortal, but in a most empowering way. You feel you are part of something bigger. You are contributing to something more powerful than yourself.

You are contributing to the great WAR.